Order of Squires

A fraternal organization for young men aged 9 to 11

The Order of the Squires was established in 1995 as a pledge group for the Order of DeMolay. Its mission is to allow young men from the ages of 9 through 11 to have an opportunity to participate in some of the fun activities with DeMolay, but not to be overwhelmed with the age differences and ritual work that is part of DeMolay.

Like DeMolay, it is a value-based organization.  The goal of the Order of the Squires is for its members and their parents to have fun while learning three important life lessons:  Wisdom (the importance of education), Truth (honesty), and Justice (equality and fairness).

DeMolay International established the organization of Squires to assist parents in making a positive difference in the lives of their sons while in their most impressionable years.  It is hoped that by providing a fun environment and teaching three very simple lessons, the Order of the Squires will help parents draw closer to their sons and instill values that will stay with their sons throughout their lives.

The basic organization is called a “Manor.” Each Squire Manor is sponsored by a DeMolay Chapter and under the control of the Advisory Council of the sponsoring Chapter.

There are up to seven Squire officers, three of whom are elected by their peers. Elected Officers are Master Squire, Senior Squire, and Junior Squire. Appointed Officers are Squire Chaplain, Squire Marshal, Squire Recorder, and Squire Treasurer.

During each term, the Master Squire should plan at least one fun activity and at least one fund raising activity.

The Squire Manor has a DeMolay who acts as their big brother. His title is the “Squire Mentor,” and he is appointed by the Master Councilor of the sponsoring Chapter and approved by the Advisory Council of the Chapter.

A Dad or Mom Advisor, who is a member of the sponsoring Chapter’s Advisory Council, must be present at all Squire meetings and functions. He or she should sit on the sidelines, and is mainly the advisor for the Squire Mentor, allowing the Squire Mentor and the elected officers to run the meetings.

If you know of a young man ages 9 to 11 who would like to become a member of The Squires please contact Northeast Chapter for an application.