Parents Club

Early in the history of DeMolay, the order provided a way for parents of members to become associated with the organization. The interest of the parents in the well-being of their sons inspired the idea of organizing mothers into an active unit. Through the years, the parents’ groups have proved to be a source of strength for the Chapters and a real addition to DeMolay’s adult leadership team.

Today, Mothers’ and Parents’ Clubs combine the energies and talents of both mothers and fathers, as well as guardians and step-parents. Working together, these parents can be tremendous help to the Advisory Council and to the Chapter itself.

The purposes of parents’ groups are to cooperate with and assist the Advisory Council of the Chapter in promoting the growth of the Chapter and its members, and to serve the Chapter and strengthen the interest of each member in DeMolay.

Each club is subject to the authority of the Advisory Council. The clubs should understand this important policy. The harmonious relationship between the Chapter and the parents’ groups depends on the club operating under this condition.

The clubs’ contact with the Chapter will be between the Chairman and the President of the club. The activities of a club should be defined and mutually agreed upon by the Advisory Council.

Parents’ Clubs can, and do, furnish many things for the Chapters which the Chapter would not be able to provide for itself. Some clubs raise money to send DeMolays to state conclaves, Leadership Training Conferences and similar activities. They can be instrumental in finding new members for Chapters, encouraging attendance and seeing that appropriate entertainment is provided after Chapter meetings.

Parents’ Clubs are usually happy to arrange food and refreshments after Chapter meetings, as well as for social activities. These social gatherings have a great influence on the Chapter members and their families. Often, these activities provide opportunities for members to bring their friends into the DeMolay circle of friendship.

Before taking any steps to organize a Mothers’ or Parents’ Club, organizers must secure the approval of the Advisory Council. Mothers, fathers, relatives, step-parents or guardians of DeMolays are eligible to join. Some Chapters have Adult Leadership Teams that combine much of what Advisory Councils and Parents’ Clubs do.

If you are interested in organizing a Parents’ or Mothers’ Club, contact your local Chapter Chairman or the Executive Officer for your jurisdiction.

Functions of a Parents’ or Mothers’ Club

Once organized, a Parents’ or Mothers’ Club may undertake many projects with the prior approval of the Advisory Council. Usually, when a club is initially organized, the Advisory Council will outline areas in which the Club can operate without coming to them each time for approval. Here are examples of how a Parents’ or Mothers’ Club can provide service to a Chapter.

  1. Encourage DeMolays to attend Chapter meetings. Divide the following responsibilities equally among committee members:
    1. Calling Committee: A DeMolay should know the meeting nights. However, urging him to attend with a personal phone call on the day before the meeting will have a positive effect. The President of the club might arrange for an award for the committee member who succeeds in getting the most Chapter members to attend the meetings.
    2. Transportation: Occasionally provide meeting transportation for DeMolays.
  2. Stimulate interest in other activities.
  3. Purchase several items for a Chapter to make the members’ experience more enjoyable:

Chapter regalia

Athletic equipment

Past Master Councilor jewels

Table top games


Personal Computer

Storage cabinet


Flags, flag stands

Filing cabinet

Trophy case

TV and DVD’s

  1. Clean and repair the Chapter robes.
  2. Assist with members’ expenses for conclaves and Leadership Training Conferences.
  3. Sponsor medals or awards for local or jurisdictional competitions.
  4. Serve refreshments and provide entertainment at regular meetings. New DeMolays and their parents often are impressed by what they have seen and heard in the Chapter room. Increase this enthusiasm by introducing them to the social aspects of DeMolay. Post- initiation celebrations are a good time for the group to invite the parents of the new DeMolays to be members of the club. Refreshments and entertainment are especially important after the installation of officers. Guests may be invited, and many DeMolays will bring their friends. In addition to some usual form of entertainment, a dance for members and their guests might be nice. Be sure to schedule one at every installation.
  5. Arrange for activities outside the Chapter – a father-son banquet, mother-son banquet, family night, picnics, dances and athletic events.
  6. Promote membership by urging the Chapter members to invite eligible friends to a DeMolay meeting, encouraging DeMolays to win awards for securing membership applications and discussing DeMolay with friends or coworkers who have sons eligible to join.
  7. Pay special attention to a DeMolay who might be living away from home or who is in the Armed Services.
  8. Help when adversity, accident or death strikes a DeMolay home.

Assist with money-making projects. To be successful, the club must work on a variety of projects. Generally, the group determines which are the most worthwhile projects in their locality.