Why Haven’t I Heard of DeMolay?

Often DeMolay chapters become so involved in planning, organizing and enjoying their activities, they overlook promoting their chapter within the community, as they should. However, in a television age, the news would rather focus on the bad acts of young people rather than those concerned about themselves and their communities, like DeMolay members.

If you have not heard of DeMolay, perhaps you have heard of some of the persons who were DeMolays as teenagers. These famous alumni include Walt Disney, actor John Wayne, comedians Tommy and Dick Smothers, pro football hall of famer Fran Tarkenton, news anchor Dan Rather, Willard Scott, owner of the San Diego Chargers Alex Spanos, and news legend Walter Cronkite. Many of these individuals and other community and business leaders credit part of their success to their DeMolay experience.

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