What is the Story of Jacques DeMolay?

Jacques DeMolay was born in France in 1244. At the age of 21, he became a member of the Knights Templars, a group originally called “Poor Soldiers in Christ”. Sanctioned by the Pop and the Church Council in 1128, their purpose was to guard the road between Jerusalem and Acre (the port on the Mediterranean). Because of church sanction and for fighting valiantly in several crusades, the Knight Templars were a popular group among the people. The name Knights Templar became synonymous with heroism. Even nobles and princes sent their sons to join them.

In 1298, Jacques DeMolay was elected Grand Master of the Templars. Over the years, the organization amasses great wealth and King Phillip of France became concerned that they would use their power and wealth against him. False charges were pressed against DeMolay and the Templars by the King in order to brand them as criminals. On orders of the King, Jacques DeMolay and hundreds of members of the Knights Templar were arrested and thrown into prison. During his seven-year imprisonment, DeMolay was tortured repeatedly in attempts to get him to betray other leaders and members of his beloved Templars. He consistently refused to betray his fellow Templars and because of his refusal, he was sentenced to be burned at the stake on March 18, 1314. DeMolay died a martyr to loyalty.

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