What Is the Initiation Ceremony Like?

The DeMolay Initiation Ceremony is the celebration of a young man’s commitment to better himself by becoming a member of DeMolay. This orientation and explanation sets DeMolay apart from other organizations, because young men present it to all new members as a chapter.

The ceremony itself contains two sections or “degrees”. The first is called the Initiation Degree. It is a solemn event, during which the young man is acquainted with the founding principles of DeMolay. The second section is called the “DeMolay Degree”. It is a play portrayed by the DeMolay members. The subject of the play is loyalty, which is introduced in the story of Jacques DeMolay who lived in the 14th century. The importance of the story for today’s youth is to always be loyal to your beliefs, family, friends and commitments. We believe this is an important lesson for today’s youth.

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