There are Awards Given in DeMolay?

The execution of the DeMolay program teaches the members how to plan and execute events, develop and use human resources and provides them confidence and organizing skills, etc. The members are also able to earn awards and take part in training conferences that teach the successful skills of chapter management. The following can be awarded to members who put in exceptional time and effort for the good of the organization.

Merit Bars – By participating in aspects of the programs, members can earn recognition of achievements. One recognition item is the merit bars. Merit cars are linked together to form a type of medal which lists the accomplishments of the member. The bars are awarded in 16 categories with five levels of achievement in each category. The categories are as follows:

 Athletics                              Attendance               Civic Service         Convention

Fine Arts                              Installation               Journalism            LCC

Masonic Attendance         Masonic Service      Membership          Merit

Religion                               Scholastics               Visitation                Ritual


Leadership Correspondence Course – A series of 5, 50 question courses which analyze the history and organization of DeMolay. The member uses various reference materials to answer the questions. Parents, advisors and family members are all welcome to take part in the course.


Representative DeMolay – The first step to leadership development is learning the skill of self-evaluation. The Representative DeMolay (R.D.) Award is a self-evaluation test completed by the young man. The test causes the member to analyze his own progress in areas of his life, such as scholastics, religion, current events, etc.


Membership Awards

# 1 Pin – Awarded for being the sponsor (first line signer) of one new DeMolay member.

Founder’s Membership Award – Awarded for being the sponsor of five new DeMolay members.

Blue Honor Key – Awarded for being the sponsor of 10 new DeMolay members.


Chevalier – The Chevalier is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon an active or senior DeMolay. This is awarded for outstanding service to the order of DeMolay and is considered the most distinguished award presented to a Demolay. It is important to note that Adult


Volunteers can receive awards as well. The following are offered to adult workers and advisors for DeMolay:

Cross of Honor – Awarded to an advisor for three or more years of outstanding service and dedication to DeMolay.

Legion of Honor/Honorary Legion of Honor – The Legion of Honor is the highest honor given by DeMolay International. This is for outstanding service to not just DeMolay, but to the community and all of humanity. The Legion of Honor is awarded to adults who used to be DeMolays. The Honorary Legion of Honor is awarded to adults who were not previously DeMolays.

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