How Did DeMolay get started?

In 1919, while employed as the social services director for the Scottish Rite bodies in Kansas City, Missouri, Frank Sherman Land hired a teenager by the name of Louis Gordon Lower to perform odd jobs around the building. As the two became friends, Land found that Lower’s father had died a short time before and that the young man missed having the guidance that a father would provide. Lower has other friends whose fathers were also not in the home (WWI had just ended a few years earlier) whether through divorce, abandonment or death. Land suggested that Lower should invite some of his friends to the Scottish Rite Temple to discuss starting a club. Within a few days, Lower brought eight of his friends to a meeting. The nine young men agreed that the idea of a club was a good one. Soon the “Order of DeMolay” was born. Within three years, chapters had been established in 39 of the then 48 states and the District of Columbia. It has now spread worldwide.

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