Chapter Officer Duties

DeMolay Organization Structure
A local DeMolay organization is known as a Chapter and is headed by the Master Councilor. The Master Councilor is elected by members of his Chapter and is usually among the older members of the group. The Master Councilor is assisted in his duties by a Senior Councilor and a Junior Councilor. The Senior Councilor is usually considered to be next in line as Master Councilor and Junior Councilor to follow, though two people can run against each other. The remaining officers of a Chapter, which are appointed, are done so by the Master Councilor, except for the Scribe, who is appointed by the Chapter’s Advisory Council. Senior DeMolays (former members now 21 or older), Masons, or other adult mentors supervise the Chapter and are usually referred to by the moniker “Dad,” a term harkening back to one of the first members, who thought of founder Frank Land as the father he never knew and called him “Dad Land.” In recent years, women have also served as advisors for the group and are referred to as “Mom”.

Above the individual Chapter, the DeMolay organization has an officer structure at the state level. A State Master Councilor or Jurisdictional Master Councilor is the head of a statewide DeMolay organization. In countries outside of the United States, DeMolay may have a national level organization, headed by a “National Master Councilor”. There are also other state or jurisdictional positions, based on the officers of a chapter, which vary for each jurisdiction. The lead advisor (always a Master Mason and a member of the Supreme Council) in a state, jurisdiction, or country, is called an Executive Officer and the lead advisor (always a Master Mason) internationally is known as a Grand Master who governs the International Supreme Council. There are also Active DeMolay officers at an international level as well; the International Master Councilor and International Congress Secretary are the heads of the International DeMolay Congress and serve on the Board of Directors. These officers are always past State Master Councilors.

In some countries outside of the United States, the International Supreme Council of DeMolay has ceded control to an independent Supreme Council created to govern DeMolay in that country. Such a Supreme Council has its own Grand Master and officers. (Examples are Australia, Brazil, and the Philippines.)

Northeast Chapter Officers & Duties
DeMolay functions through a set of officers. Some are elected; some are appointed. The Master Councilor, Senior Councilor, Junior Councilor and Treasurer are always elected. All officers except where noted are appointed by the Master Councilor. No member of the Northeast Chapter can hold the same office, elective or appointive, more than tow (2) consecutive terms, except the scribe and treasurer. The officers of a DeMolay Chapter are as follows:

Office Elected/Appointed Duty
Master Councilor Elected

Sits as Chair for Meetings, Official Representative of Chapter to outside persons and organizations.

Prerequisites: Must have served as Senior or Junior Councilor (or the Advisory Council, by formal action{vote})

Senior Councilor Elected

Many times oversees degree, ceremony work and fund raising. Assists Master Councilor and takes charge in absence of Master Councilor.

No Current Prerequisites

Junior Councilor Elected

Many times oversees membership, Assists other Councilors & takes Charge in absence of both Master and Senior Councilors.

No Current Prerequisites

Scribe Appointed by
Advisory Council
Records minutes at meetings, files necessary paper work, sends and receives communications. Serves a 1 year term.
Treasurer  Elected

Manages Chapter Account

No Current Prerequisites

Senior Deacon

Appointed or Sometimes Elected

Conducts candidates in initiation, Assists Councilors

No Current Prerequisites

Junior Deacon  Appointed Communicates with Sentinel, assists Senior Deacon
Senior Steward  Appointed Keeps facilities clean and in order, Provides Refreshments
Junior Steward  Appointed Assists Senior Steward
Orator Appointed Presents ceremonies, Makes necessary announcements
Sentinel Appointed Verifies persons entering meetings, Keeps away disturbances
Chaplain Appointed Prayer
Marshal Appointed Conducts necessary movement in meetings
Standard Bearer Appointed Oversees flags and proper presentation of such
Almoner Appointed Collects alms for charities, and those sick or distressed
Seven Preceptors Appointed Represent the seven Cardinal Virtues of DeMolay
Organist (Optional) Appointed Provides Music