Youth Leadership

Each DeMolay Chapter across the globe has the same leadership structure. Three youth members are elected to serve as the “Councilors” or President, Vice President, and Second Vice President. They are mentored by the Advisory Council, a group of adults who have been certified by DeMolay International to provide guidance to the young men of DeMolay. For more information on our advisor certification process click here.

The youth leader of a DeMolay Chapter is the Master Councilor. He serves as the president of the body, facilitating meetings and overseeing the activities of the chapter. He is mentored by the Advisory Board, who appoints one key advisor to serve as the “Chapter Advisor” that speaks for the Advisory Council in front of the chapter.

Each chapter plans and promotes their own activities, but has the opportunity to participate in regional events that are organized by the State/Jurisdiction of which a chapter resides. The vast majority of States/Jurisdictions in DeMolay have a regional leadership structure that is unique to the area in which you reside. For more information, consult the chapter locator. For more information on chapter activities, check out what we do in DeMolay.